Dragonborn Paladin


str 16
con 17
dex 9
int 8
wis 11
cha 15

hp 32
ac 20
fort 14
ref 12
will 13
spd 5
init -1
passive insight 10
passive perception 10
trained skills – religion, diplomacy, heal, endurance
feat – healing hands
powers – bolstering strike, enfeebling strike, piercing smite, radiant delirium
equipment – holy symbol, standard adv kit, plate armor, heavy shield, long sword, sling


deity – bahamut
home town – Khantir
3 siblings (2 f, 1 m)
7 yrs old
Legend of dragonborn empire – tales told by father, passed down for generations. Most don’t believe the stories, your family does.
3 highly skilled blacksmimths in town (one of which is father)
Father – Rudimar – taught fighting skills and about the power of bahamut
Firefruit festival

cheerful, charming, enthusiastic, hopeful, trusting, easygoing, kind, protective, thoughtful, brave, happy-go-lucky, calm, unshakable


Yrel endowhy