Gnome sorcerer


str 11
con 12
dex 14
int 17
wis 13
cha 17
hp 24
ac 13
fort 11
ref 13
will 15
spd 5
init +2
passive insight 11
passive perception 11
skills – arcana, diplomacy, history, bluff
feat – arcane spellfury
powers – chaos bolt, storm walk, bedeviling burst, dazzling ray
wild magic
equipment – dagger, cloth armor (basic clothing), standard adv kit, orb, climber’s kit, candles


witty, self-assured, open-minded, adaptable, flexible, thoughtful, steady, driven, impulsive
bald, wears a hat
home – Nathlien – village of gnomes (in erimoor forest)
outsiders come to village (sparsely (like one a year or so) for education (history, some magic)
traditional something is given in exchange for education (typically historical artifacts)
forest village
parents (average)
siblings (6 average)
father taught sorcery (plus the wilds)
traditional when done with schooling at 88, you embark on an expidition in search of corellon artifacts to bring back to the village
what you bring back/how much you bring back tends to determine place in society


Yrel endowhy