The beginning.

Vanderlei, a young dragonborn paladin of Bahamut, leaves Khantir village during its Firefruit Festival to pursue his dream of uncovering the mysteries of the legendary lost dragonborn empire from his father’s fairy tales.

Upon reaching the Belfort Bridge, Vanderlei is beset by robbers masquerading under the feeble guise of toll bridge collectors. He vanquishes them and seeks rest at the town of Belfort.

Nestled in Erimoor Forest, on the eastern side of the great Silva River, lies the gnome village of Nathlien. Having come of age, celebrating his 88th year, the budding sorceror gnome, Mortimer, sets off on his quest to bring back historical Corellonian artifacts – as is tradition for his people.

Shortly after leaving the safety of his home forest, Mortimer stumbles across goblins huddled over a dead body. He defeats the goblins and finds a key on the dead human body. The gold key is engraved with the initials: J.V.C.

Mortimer makes his way to Belfort. In the Barbarian Duck Inn & Tavern, Mortimer speaks with Banler, a finely dressed, middle-aged man. Banler presents a job to Mortimer: retrieve the small chest from the forest south of Belfort, where he and his partner were attacked by wolves (his partner didn’t make it out alive). He requests that Mortimer refrain from opening the chest and to hurry. He offers 10gp, and Mortimer accepts.

Mortimer meets Vanderlei at the bar. The owner of the Duck, Gawatoku, tells of ruins thought to have belonged to a shrine devoted to Bahamut, Corellon, Avandra, and Pelor, in the hills northeast of town.

Mortimer and Vanderlei agree to team up, with Banler’s quest as the first item on their agenda.

After resting at the inn, they make their way south in the morning. Not far into their journey, they come upon a frantic man, pleading that they hurry to save the Governor of Belfort, Yertana, from a goblin attack.

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